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Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care, LLC was established to help animals cope with stress and heal naturally by using holistic plant remedies and species appropriate diets. Once stress is eliminated the animal’s well being will provide a healthy life for them and their owners. The plant kingdom provides many healing tools and in many different forms. Those healing tools are found in the roots, stems, leaves, flowers or seeds of the plant. They provide food and medicine on an energetic level that allows animals to heal quickly and naturally. It is the concept of animals returning to their natural healing roots.

Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care’s main concentrations are guiding pet owners, shelter and rescue centers, veterinarians and animal sanctuaries to help their animals cope with stress and their reactions to their stress.  Maureen Ericson does this through education of holistic support systems and  Animal Flower Essences Sprays.  Maureen’s insight and ability to understand how the plant (FLORA) and animal (PAWS) kingdoms support each other physically, emotionally and mentally provides a different approach to healing.  The plants work synergistically with the animals as food and medicine providing health and well being.



Maureen Ericson is a Master Herbalist with 40 years of professional experience in Holistic Health and Natural Pet Care.  She received her Master Herbalist Degree from the Emerson College of Herbology in Ontario, Canada and has many  certifications in Aromatherapy,  Animal Flower Essences, Veterinary Assistance, and Natural Pet Healthcare.  She also has extensive training and expertise in Homeopathy, Animal Flower Essences, Animal Energy Work and Dog Training.


Through her private consulting practice, Maureen has provided expertise to pet owners who wish to improve their animal’s lives and sense of well being and improved health through holistic approaches.  Her programs include herbs, flower essences sprays, along with a species appropriate  diet and nutrition.  Depending on the needs and desires of  the client, she also offers Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, and  Animal Behavior Modification.


Maureen co-founded the Connecticut Herb Association ( in 1995 and has served as past president and council adviser.    Over the years she has authored many articles on holistic health that have appeared in The Door Opener of CT ( and continues to write for the Connecticut Herb Association's newsletter.


Natural Pet Care


Maureen's love and empathy for all living things led to her work with puppies, dogs and other animals over the years. She has enjoyed providing consulting services to animal shelters and rescue groups, wildlife rehabbers, veterinarians, and dog kennels to help them incorporate holistic care and remedies into their pet care practices.  She is a certified Veterinary Assistant.


Maureen's relationship with Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation ( ), New England's internationally accredited guide dog program began 28 years ago.  At the request of Fidelco's founder, Roberta Kaman,  Maureen regularly introduced herbal remedies and alternative pet care to Fidelco's breeding colony and their new pups.


Maureen's volunteer work for Fidelco as a puppy raiser and breed dog caregiver led to her long term position as Fidelco's Early Puppy Development Specialist.  She established and managed Fidelco's Early Neurological Stimulation and Socialization program designed to enhance puppies' abilities to tolerate and embrace unusual and unexpected bio-sensory experiences,  increasing the likelihood that they would eventually become trustworthy and dependable guides for their blind handlers.

Flora Paws Animal Flower Essences Sprays

While working for the guide dog foundation, Maureen realized that animal stress and anxiety stems from lack of early socialization, training, good health and nutrition.  All of which many animals lack.   After leaving the guide dog foundation, she has been focused on providing holistic care to solve those problems in shelters and rescues and for her private clients.   One of her goals was to give animals new options for stress.  She formulated the Flora Paws line of Animal Flower Essence Sprays that are specifically designed to help animals cope with stress and trauma.  They support the emotional and mental well-being of the animal,  helping with behavior modification allowing them to relax, and release the stress and trauma.  They work very quickly to give the animal the peace and calmness that they need to live stress- free lives.  She has had many successes helping The Connecticut Humane Society and other rescues using the Animal Flower Sprays for their animals.  For those traumatized animals the Flower Sprays help change their lives by helping them heal from their stress and find their forever homes.


Lectures and Speaking Engagements


Maureen has taught and lectured extensively throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. She has taught classes on herbalism, holistic pet care, energy work and other holistic healing arts.  She has led long-term herbal and holistic health apprenticeship programs for which she authored all curricula and course handouts.  


Maureen continues to provide lectures to educate those searching to learn more about holistic health for their animals.  She also provides training to veterinarians, animal shelters and rescue groups, wildlife rehabbers, zoos and farms that would like to incorporate holistic care and remedies into their pet care practices.