Flower Sprays are natural remedies created from the energetic vibrations of many different flowers called Flower Essences.  They are non invasive and provide healing on an energetic level through the animal’s energy field.   These flower essences work effectively on the animal’s emotional and mental wellbeing.  They will help to eliminate stress from changes, grief, separation and fear etc.  They can help animals deal with stress from any transition periods such as the kennel to home or home to the kennel, introductions to new roommates, or training sessions. They can be used to support service animals while they work, or help animals deal with the trauma of being abused or for PTSD.  Flower sprays help the animal to release the stress and trauma by strengthening their energy field and work very quickly to give the animal the peace and calmness that they need to live stress free lives.


Many animals are train wrecks that have no coping skills for their stress and the trauma that it creates in their lives.  They suffer psychologically from these stress factors that have created many different emotional and mental symptoms.  Those symptoms present in many different ways creating animals with agitation, aggression, fear, grief, depression, and separation anxiety.  Over time many of these animals eventually develop physical ailments that need veterinarian care.  By eliminating these stresses we give our animals more support that leads to strengthening their immune, nervous and digestive systems instead of deteriorating them.  It also helps many of our animals from being placed in shelters due to their mental and emotional disabilities.  Many have been given up on and placed in shelters, or euthanized.  A calm animal is a healthy animal that is loved and cared for and stays safe within their forever home. Once stress is eliminated the animal’s well being will provide a healthy life for them and their owners.   At Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care our main concentrations are guiding pet owners, shelter and rescue centers, veterinarians and animal sanctuaries to help their animals cope with stress and their reactions to their stress.  We do this through education of holistic support systems and Flower Sprays. 


Our remedies are in a liquid form, in a spray delivery bottle.  At Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care we use only organic flower essences from the best companies around the world, distilled water and brandy to preserve our Flower Sprays.  We have chosen the spray delivery system because some animals are too traumatized and will not let you touch them or they are too dangerous to touch.  The sprays can be sprayed into to the animal’s daily water, food, or sprayed in crates, rooms, beds, car, carrier, stall or trailer. The animal does not have to ingest the Flower Spray for it to work; they can also be used on the animal’s fur.  There is no overdosing because they work on an energetic level only being used by the animal’s energy field as needed.  During a crisis they can be used every 15 minutes until the animal starts to calm down.  Our sprays can be used by people, birds, and aquatic animals.  We even use them on plants!


Shake well before use. No refrigeration needed.


Flower Sprays may be used in the following ways. Choose the best approach for your animal.


  • Squirt 1-2 spritzes into water and/or food 3x daily

  • Shake well, squirt 1 spritz into your hands and rub on animal’s head. Starting between the ears and stroking from the ear line down the neck to the top of the shoulders. Also stroking the jaw line and down the front and sides of the neck. The animal may lick you hands as they are being drawn to use the spray.

  • Spray the crate, room, bed, car, carrier, stall or trailer.

  • One spray on a favorite toy

  • Do not mist the animal directly this may cause concern and instill a bad experience for them that will interfere with future dosing.


Flower Sprays will have an accumulative effect and will need to build up to be most effective.  Please use for 3 weeks or more and see if the animal is doing better.  Eventually you can wean the animal from the Flower Spray and only use as needed in the future.


As the animal stays healthy the need for Veterinarian interventions along with prescription use is decreased.  For shelters/rescue groups, kennels, or wildlife centers your staff spends less time attending to the effects of the stressed animals (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting, bites and fights).  When less time is needed for the Veterinarian team, they can utilize that time for more important animal care and surgery.

Flower Essence Sprays are not to replace the advice or treatment of your Veterinarian.  Please store in a safe place away from children and animals.  Avoid contact with your animal’s eyes.

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