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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Give them natural relief throughout thunder season with THUNDER DOGS!

Storms, fireworks, loud noises and gun shots can traumatize an animal beyond control leaving them shivering, shuddering, panicking and bolting to find a safe place to hide from the terrible noises they are experiencing. Our Thunder Dogs Animal Flower Spray formula was designed to help release the panic and anxiety that is stressing the animal. Allowing them to stay calmer and not go into panic mode.

Animals can experience excessive stress during the summer from storms. Storm stress can be triggered by rain, loud noises or wind, thunder and lighting, changes in the barometric pressure, and dark foreboding skies. Other stressors can be fireworks and other loud noises such as lawn mowers and leave blowers.

They may experience separation anxiety from being left alone or not want to be crated or enclosed in a pen due to feeling trapped and not being able to run to safety. We may see those symptoms reappear often when the animal experiences a noise trigger that creates fear that becomes a traumatic experience. The animal may try to run and hide looking for safety. They may shiver, shake, or bark and pant excessively or become extremely clingy or jump at you.

Try to reassure them that they are safe and that you will be there for them. Create a safe place for your pet during the triggers. Many pets are lost during frightful times as they dash out the open door when you are coming or going. Plan ahead by providing a safe place for them. That safe place can be their crate with a yummy safe chew treat or in the bed room in their favorite hiding spot. If possible stay with your pet during their stress so they don’t feel abandoned when they need you the most. Play some nice music or put on the TV to help distract them from the noises outside. Hopefully the triggers will pass quickly and your pet can relax and the stress fades.

Stress and trauma in animals can be supported with Animal Flower Essences Sprays to help release that stress. Animal Flower Essences can help support an animal’s emotional and mental well- being. Two of the Animal Flower Essence Sprays I use for my animal clients are: Flora Paws’ Thunder Dogs and Trauma Relief Flower Sprays. I recommend using Thunder Dogs throughout storm season in their water to strengthen their energy fields to cope with the stress of storms and loud noises. During storms, fireworks or other loud noises I recommend using Thunder Dogs and Trauma Relief Flower Sprays every hour until the stress has passed. These sprays help the animal to recover quickly from the traumatic experience.

Flora Paws Thunder Dogs remedy blend was created to help release the stress and fear of storms and loud noises, giving the animal peace of mind, allowing them to feel safe and secure, no longer afraid. If you would like to use these products visit the product tab of our website www.florapaws.com.

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