• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


Why does Flora Paws do rescue work? To save lives and help animals cope with stress, trauma and illness. Because many rescues need help to save money, need help for traumatized animals, and because I can provide those tools of healing for your animals that you didn’t even know existed. I come to rescue work in a different way than most rescue workers. As owner of Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care, LLC.

I can support rescues and shelters with holistic natural healthcare. I have had a private holistic practice for over 35 years helping my clients and their pets with holistic remedies. I also worked for Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation where I established and managed their Early Puppy Socialization program for newborn pups to eight weeks. During that time, I realized that animal stress and anxiety stems from lack of early socialization, training, good health and nutrition. All of which many rescue animals lack. After leaving the guide dog foundation, I have been focused on providing holistic care to solve those problems in shelters and rescues and for my private clients. One of my goals is to teach rescue workers many new options of healing for your rescues, while your rescue saves money for important vet bills in the future. I have also developed a line of Flower Essence Sprays that supports the emotional and mental well-being of the animal. The Flower Sprays help with behavior modification allowing the animals to relax, cope with stress and show better, helping them to find their forever home. I have been very lucky to have experienced many successes saving animals that Vets have given up on because there was nothing else they could do. Those animals were given the benefit of herbal or homeopathic remedies to help them back to health. But the ones that stand out the most are the traumatized animals that work with the Flower Sprays and it changes their lives to help them heal from their stress and find forever homes.

I have been fortunate to consult to the CT Humane Society and many other rescues and wildlife rehabbers to use the Animal Flower Sprays for their animals with great success. I encourage any of you to email me at florapawshpc@gmail.com to see if I can help your animals in the future. Thank you all for the wonderful work you are doing in the trenches of saving and rescuing, or working on advocating for stronger laws for animal rights. Keep up your great work and I hope to meet some of you soon!!

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