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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Halloween can be such fun for all of us, but that may not be true for our pets. For many pets it is a time to deal with lots of stress and no coping skills to help them through that stress. As pet parents we can help them deal better with their stress and keep them safe.

Here are some helpful tips:

People costumes are fun but can be very scary for a pet that doesn’t recognize you. They can become aggressive and bite to protect themselves from the scary monster or they may run away to hide scared out of their minds. Slowly introduce yourself with your costume on without masks so your animal recognizes you and your children. Do this over a couple of days so that it becomes familiar to your pet.

If you choose to dress up your pet make sure they are comfortable in the outfit. They should be able to pee or poop if needed, be able to see and hear well and not be able to chew on it or trip and fall. For some pets costume dressing can be very traumatic to them and they don’t want to move or socialize with it on. Please be respectful of the pet that wants no part of that crazy outfit and save the outfit for a doll.

Candy, Decorations and Candles are very dangerous for animals and it is our responsibility to keep them away from these items. Teach your children to never give candy to an animal, it could literally kill them!!! Make sure that your pet doesn’t chew or become tangled in your decorations, they can choke or worst swallow something dangerous that will need expensive emergency Veterinarian care or surgery.

Create a safe place for your pet during your Halloween Party and Trick or Treat Night. Many pets are lost during Halloween night as they dash out the open door when you are giving out candy to the Trick or Treaters. How scary is that, not only for you, but also for your pet with all those monsters walking around in their neighborhood. Allowing the pet to see all those monsters coming to their doors for candy can confuse them or worst scare them to bolt. Plan ahead by providing a safe place for them like a crate with a yummy safe chew treat or in the bedroom with the door closed. Play some nice music or put on the TV to help distract them from the noises outside.

After the Halloween festivities are over remember to reconnect with your pet to reassure them that all is back to normal and that you know that they were a little concerned but all is well.

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!!!

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