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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

We all like to have snacks in between meals including our dogs. People spend lots of money on treats, cookies and snack food for their pets. These treats purchased at the store are often filled with chemicals that are toxic, have large amounts of sugar and are not species appropriate treats for our dogs. Store bought treats have the same problem as kibble, the processing makes the food depleted of nutrients. They lack good nutrition and are high in calories! Many times, creating unwanted health issues such as allergies or in some terrible cases death due to the chemicals in those treats. Please be ever vigilant in providing only healthy organic treats to protect your dog.

As pet parents we can create good healthy snacks for our dogs that are nutritious, low caloric and fun to eat. We can bake our own cookies or give them raw uncooked treats. But where do we start? What is nutritious and how can we give them to our dog safely?

Here are some healthy, nutritious and low caloric treats that are safe for your dog and many of these snacks may already be in your refrigerator.

Blueberries- A handful of fresh blueberries provide anti-oxidants to support the immune system, eyes and healthy brain chemistry. Add small handful (8-10) blueberries, for a special treat.

Apple slices- Many dogs like apples they are sweet, crunchy and taste so good. They provide fiber, vitamins A & C and other plant phyto-nutrients for good health. No seeds they are poisonous!!

Carrots- Carrots are great low caloric treats that add fiber and beta-carotenes to your dog’s diet. A few small carrots taste sweet and can be added to treat dispensers to add mental stimulation for your dog.

Green Beans- This is another food source of fiber along with the Vitamins C & K. They are crunchy raw or can be used as a frozen treat. They are a good treat for dogs that need low calorie treats.

Sweet Potatoes- Sweet potatoes are great sources of fiber, beta-carotenes, and manganese, along with vitamins B & C. Slice them up and dehydrate them in the oven to create great crunchy nutritious chewy snacks.

Mozzarella String Cheese- Small pieces of string cheese can be used as special treats during training sessions or rewards during walks. They provide small amounts of protein and calcium for bone and muscle support.

Yogurt- A tasty and nutritious treat with calcium and protein along with pro-biotics for good digestive health. Make sure it is organic, low in sugar (no artificial sugars) and live bacteria. Plain or vanilla flavors are best. Freezing yogurt in paper cups (remove paper cup after frozen) or ice cube trays are great ways to keep your dog busy for awhile during a summer day.

Healthy snacks create good healthy dogs. Healthy dogs are happy dogs to live with!!!

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