• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


When the cooler weather here in the Northeast sets in with killing frost, colder days and nights our animals will be spending less time outdoors. This is a great time to recheck your pets 4Dx snap blood tests for Heartworm and Lyme disease exposures.

It’s important to consider that during the warmer weather our pets may have been exposed to many different types of insect bites i.e.: mosquitos, ticks, or fleas. All of these insects are known to carry many different types of illnesses that maybe passed on to our pets during that time. These illnesses can cause terrible damage to our dogs and cats hearts, kidneys, joints and immune systems that we may not know the pet has. To safe guard your pet it is best to have a yearly 4Dx snap blood test that checks for Heartworm, Lyme and other tick born illnesses that your pet may have been exposed to. Remember that insect bites can still occur even when using flea and tick preventatives.

As a preventative I recommend having the snap test done twice a year, in the early spring (March & April) and early winter (November, December or January). By doing this you can catch an early infection to treat at the onset of the illnesses. The sooner you treat the animal’s immune system has a quicker response to fighting the illness and less damage is done to the major organs and joints.

Call your Veterinarian today to set up your snap test recheck for your pet and keep them healthy throughout the whole year.

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