• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


Updated: Oct 27, 2020

As spring approaches one of the first plants to wake from winter’s slumber is natures main stay the wonderful Dandelion plant. To many home owners it has become the dreaded weed bane, multiplying everywhere and covering the grass with its bright yellow flowers. Many lawns are sprayed each year with herbicides to kill this great plant. Its hardiness thankfully allows this plant to continue procreating to feed our animals, birds and insects, and all of us who appreciate the wealth of food and medicine that this lowly plant gives to us. Educating the public on this plant’s healing abilities begins to open one’s eyes to protecting this plant for future generations to come. It is our major herb to detox and heal liver disease.

A time comes when traditional modern medicine can no longer help your animal in liver failure, so most Veterinarians recommend euthanasia. They explain that they have exhausted all of their healing tools leaving you and your pet with no answers to healing your animal. Holistic Vets have learned that herbs have many ways to heal by detoxing and tonifying the animal’s body to create strong immune systems and repair damage. The healing that can be generated from Dandelion’s ability to support liver and kidney disease has many Holistic Veterinarians using this plant as their first source of medicine for animals dying from liver disease.

DANDELION (Taraxacum Officinale) has the ability to lower high liver enzymes within a 48-hour period if dosed properly. One past case study that I worked on, the dog was a 10-year-old retriever, in liver failure dying from an inoperable liver tumor and had high liver enzymes in the 5,000 range. She was jaundice would not eat, drink or stand up. She could not be given anything orally because she would bite. She had given up on life and was just waiting to pass away. Fortunately, I was working with her Holistic Vet that day and we both were able to come up with a way to administer the Dandelion to lower her liver enzymes quickly. We chose an enema delivery system and administered a high dose of Dandelion every two hours for the first 24 hours. Within 48 hours her liver enzymes were cut in half and continued to drop down to normal throughout the week. After two days the dog began to eat, drink and stand up without help and went home with her dose of Dandelion added to her meals. Her family reported that she continued to heal and was playing like she was a puppy. She lived for another year with good quality of life before the liver tumor eventually took her.

I have had many other opportunities to use Dandelion for many other illnesses such as animal diabetes, kidney and bladder disease. It can break down kidney and bladder crystals and flush them out very quickly. In Cancer I always recommend this herb for its anti-tumor properties and its ability to rebuild the immune system and repair major organs and systems of the body. Its support for the digestive system allows many animals to recover from severe IBD, or colon damaging illnesses that many Veterinarians have given up on. I recommend to all my clients to use Dandelion twice a year to strengthen and detox their animal’s liver, kidney, bladder and digestive systems.

I celebrate this herb as it feeds my lawn with its beautiful yellow flowers and fluffy seed heads. It is a plant that I would not choose to lose for its nutritive and healing properties. I believe that we should all be advocating for the protection of this plant from the dreaded herbicides that are polluting our lawns and wildlife, and ourselves.

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