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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Finally, the weather in the Northeast is starting to warm up and the trees are all budding their leaves and flowers are popping out. I love spring and being outside with my dog as I work in the gardens. I especially enjoy the warmth of the sun after the cold winter. Unfortunately spring also means bug season!! Ugh I don’t enjoy the buzzing of mosquitoes, black flies, or the site of fleas and the ticks. Nor do I care for the terrible health threats that some of these insects carry with them. I have many clients that have experienced the devastating effects of Lyme Disease from tick bites and of course the threat of West Nile Virus, Encephalitis or Heartworm from mosquito bites. So, I work very hard at keeping my family and animals protected from these insects.

This is what I recommend to all of my clients to help protect them from these nasty bugs:

  • Know when your bug season starts. Start using your products to build their protection.

  • Keep your pets inside at dawn and dusk. If you are bothered by the mosquitoes so are they. Bring them inside. Leaving pets outside during the day can also put them at higher risk for infection especially if they wander the yard under the scrubs and trees.

  • Don’t leave areas that the bugs can hide or breed in. Empty containers that hold water and clear out debris such as leaves and sticks from your yard. If you have a wood pile keep it away from the area that your pets may frequent.

  • If you hike or spend lots of time in the woods Spray, Spray, Spray!! Before coming inside frisk your dog by combing through their fur looking for ticks. If you find one pull it off, but make sure you get the head. Don’t forget to check yourself also. Do this check every day, even if you haven’t been in the woods. Many of these bugs live in our own backyards.

  • If you must be outside at night with your animals enjoying the night air. Spray again, light Citronella candles nearby, (make sure your animal can’t become burnt by them), and use a screen tent to protect you all from the bugs. Again, check for bugs before coming inside.

  • Be vigilant and protect!! Prevention is key and saves lives.

Many of you ask what products to use. I try to use holistic products when I am able to

first, but as a healer I am realistic about the dangers that these insects carry. This is what I suggest to my clients and what I use for my dog.

Heartworm Protection-

After years of holistic research I am convinced that holistic treatments cannot fight Heartworm effectively. I believe that the risk and treatment for Heartworm infection is more devastating to an animal than the Heartworm treatment. I still recommend conventional Heartworm treatment to all my clients. I use it monthly for the time that we have mosquitoes in our area. Don’t forget to have your Vet test your animals before you treat.

Flea, Tick & Mosquito Management-

These are the products that I use for my clients and my pets:

Flea & Tick Program- By Earth Animal

This powder is added to the pet’s food on a daily basis. It may be used for dogs and cats. The herbs change your pet’s body odor and taste, so that the pest does not like the scent or the taste of their blood. The herbal formula is very nutritious and also beneficial to your pet’s immune system. Dose: Follow instructions on the bottle.

Flea & Tick Herbal Spray- By Earth Animal (Do not use for Cats. many of these essential oils are toxic to cats)

Insects despise many herbal scents. This formula uses many of the essential oils that have been shown to protect against pests. Mist on and rub into the fur and skin. Do not use around the eyes or genital area. Re-apply as needed. Dose: Follow instructions on the bottle.

You can purchase these products at: https://www.earthanimal.com/c/pet-health/natural-flea-tick/natural-flea-tick-program/

Long Hikes in the Woods

For additional support especially for long walks or hikes in the woods. The Herbal Spray can also be applied to a cloth bandana, to tie around the animal’s neck, or on tennis sweat bands to put on their wrist and ankles for large dogs or terri hair elastics for small dogs. It can also be sprayed on their bedding.

There are many other holistic products on the market. Please do research to make sure they are good for your pet. Some products can be very toxic to your cats so here is a list of essential oils to never use!!! Do Not Use for Cats: Some essential oils, are high in phenols that are not recommended to be used with cats are: Tea Tree or Melaleuca, Oregano, Thyme, Clove, Mountain Savory, Cinnamon, Cassia, and Ravensara.

Remember to use prevention and be vigilant, but also to enjoy the outdoors with your pets. Have a happy spring and summer!!!

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