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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Winter is knocking on our door and with winter comes many hazards for our pets. It also brings stress and anxiety from the changes of the winter season. Cold snowy weather, holidays, and indoor hibernation changes the daily routine for our dogs and cats. Remember that pets like routine and changes in the household can be very stressful. This is a time to rethink how you exercise and watch them to keep them safe from all of the changes happening around them. If you travel with your pet you need to be mindful of the stress and anxiety that traveling causes your pet.

Holidays bring the hazards of decorations, and tasty holiday treats. Cats and puppies love tangling with holiday décor and eating decorations. Maybe this is the year to find safe places for the tree and décor such as higher tabletop trees and shelves. Some holiday animal gifts may be toxic so use care when buying new toys, check where they come from. Holiday treats especially chocolate can be deadly if eaten. Consider making special pet friendly holiday treats for them so they can participate in the festivities with their own treats. Ginger, Pumpkin, Coconut Oil and Molasses are pet friendly. No one wants a trip to the emergency vet hospital during the holidays.

Finding a safe room for them during holiday guest visits eliminates the stress of tempting food that is not pet friendly from being fed to them. It also helps save pets from being lost when they bolt out the open doors as guest are arriving or leaving. I also like to provide our calming animal flower essences spray such as the Trauma Relief Flower Spray. It can be used to help them cope with stress during this time. Adding some Chamomile tea to their food may also help to soothe their nerves.

Cold snowy and icy weather bring extreme temperatures that can be dangerous to our pets. Dog coats and sweaters can protect them from the cold and wind. Playing in snow or ice can mean more sprains or falls and eating snow can create many health issues. Wiping their paws after a walk or play time takes away burning chemicals such as road salts and/or ice balls that are in between the pads. You can also add a protective wax such as Mushers Secret, before going outside. It helps keep their pads from drying out and cracking. It’s a great herbal balm that smells nice and heals their paws. If you are going for longer walks consider using waterproof booties.

You should never leave your animals out in extreme temperatures or weather. Extreme cold can cause frost-bite for them just like us. If you don’t want to be out to supervise them, bring them in.

Traveling for animals can be very stressful and for some traumatic, creating many challenges for you and your pet. If your pet does not travel well consider checking with your Veterinarian for some emotional stress support and or use some calming herbal remedies for the trip. I recommend using our Trauma Relief and Transport Flower essence sprays one week before and during the trip. Planes have many requirements and should be researched ahead of the trip. Where your pet is stored is not always reliable even if the airline policy states so. They are living beings that require lots of care and stress is extremely high when flying. Consider driving when possible, you can make stops when needed, and check on your pet periodically to see how they are doing. There are many pet-friendly hotels available if you do your research ahead of time. Make sure to bring comfort blankets, toys, and their crates when possible. This provides safe environments for them to feel more at home. Many animals have gone missing during traveling, a better option for them is to stay at home with a loving pet-sitter.

Winter can be a fun and joyful time when we are prepared for all the extremes that winter season brings to our lives. We can help our pets cope with all of its challenges and stress if we provide for their needs and care during winter.

Have a safe and happy winter!

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