• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


There is one factor that has remained true throughout the many years in my practice as an herbalist and holistic pet care consultant. I will always get the call from a client about the case that no one can help anymore. The doctors have done all they can and the animal is still in crisis, is there anything I can do to help that poor creature? As I listen to their stories my first reactions of course is to want to help… but as a healer you must quickly make a reality check of your skills, training and experience as to whether you are able to help. Sometimes you can answer an immediate yes. Other times you may take a case that calls to your heart even though your skills may not be as strong in that illness. Your belief in yourself, the herbs and holistic remedies are so strong that you know that you will find the right answer if you keep searching. Such are many cases that land at my feet to solve in order to help those animals in need.

One case in particular started with a conversation I was having with a friend that fosters kittens and cats for a local rescue group. We were catching up when she shared that she had two 4-week-old kittens that had pneumonia and terrible eye infections that were crusty and weepy. One kitten’s eye was bulging with inflammation and the Vet had shared that it will probably rupture and would do surgery when that happened and the kitten would go blind. As for the pneumonia, they were already treating it with antibiotics (for the eye infections also) and hoped that it would get better but considering their age and the situation that they can from they both would probably die. They were in terrible shape, both had to be hand fed every couple of hours and kept warm. My friend during our conversation asked if I had anything to help the kittens survive. She was struggling with the idea of losing these kittens and was willing to do whatever it took to save them and their eyes. I decided to take the case to help the kittens as best I could and to do whatever it took and so began my journey with little kittens Brio and Ty (names changed for privacy). I requested my friend to send me pictures of the two so that I could recommend a plan immediately for them.

Ty was in better shape he was responding to the antibiotics and was putting on weight and his eye infections were just starting. As for Brio, he was truly suffering and struggling to fight his infections. His eye was bulging out of the socket and he couldn’t close his eye lid and the other eye was crusted almost shut. I knew that we had to get the swelling of the eye down immediately to stop it from rupturing. I had Shari start him on some Chamomile and Goldenseal tea eye washes to help the infection and inflammation along with the homeopathic remedies Arnica and Euphrasia to take the swelling down, and protect the eye from further damage. This meant a commitment of using the remedies every three hours even throughout the night for the first four days. He seemed to make progress, some of the swelling came down and his eyes had stopped weeping and crusting over. He was eating better and gaining some weight. I was hoping that he was out of the woods.

Unfortunately, the next day he woke up with a relapse of the swelling in the eye and bleeding in both eyes. I knew that I was missing something in his care but what was it? If it was just bacterial it should have cleared up by now with the antibiotics, herbs and homeopathic remedies. Something was amiss. Because he had been diagnosed with pneumonia which could also be viral I recommended two new herbal formulas to add to his wellness program; an antiviral and one that protects and repairs the eyes.

After three weeks, he was doing much better and his eyes were healing each day. He was up and playing and jumping. He was able to function as well as his brother Ty was. Although we could tell that he had some diminished sight it was not impairing him. At eight weeks, they both were given a clean bill of health from the Vet and ready for adoption. Both brothers were adopted together. Brio is a picture of health although he has some residual scaring in his eyes he is a happy normal and healthy kitten. Shari and I take pleasure from the fact that we did whatever it took to save Brio and his eyesight and the reward of both kittens being adopted into a happy fur ever home was worth all the hard work.

Holistic remedies can provide new options for healing if given the opportunities to work. Herbs, Homeopathy and other holistic remedies are not to replace the advice or treatment of your Veterinarian. Hiring a trained Holistic Veterinarian or Herbalist/ Holistic pet care provider who can work with your Vet is always your best option for your animal. They are trained to use the proper dosing, and holistic remedies that are for animals only and monitor the well being of the animal at all times during the wellness program.

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