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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Fall Allergy season is once upon us again as the seasonal weeds and herbs spread their pollen. Some of those culprits grow all around us such as Ragweed, Mugwort, Golden Rod and Fall Asters. As the Fall progresses, down come the leaves and mold spores that go along with those leaves. Oak leaves being the worst for pet allergies. The air has cooled and we are once again spending more time out doors with our pets enjoying the fall season.

Allergies can be caused by many factors with poor diet being one of the largest reasons. For some animals it may be an environmental factor such as pollen, air pollution and chemicals that are animals are coming in contact with.

Environmental pollens and molds are huge allergens for animals and we see this when the seasons change. When the season starts many of our pets start to become itchy along with drippy noses. Skin rashes, paw chewing and bad ear infections show up out of no where making our pets miserable, with itching out of control and sleepless nights for all. We desperately need to get them help and that help can come from a wonderful plant called Stinging Nettles. If used through

out the allergy season it helps to calm down the histamines that are driving your animal crazy.

Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica), commonly called Nettles, is widely known by herbalists for its anti-histamine and immune enhancing properties that are nutritive vitamins and minerals that feed the whole body. It is a great natural diuretic helping to flush out toxins. It was widely used by the Native Americans to support Hay fever that caused congestion and stuffy noses. It is used in many formulas to support the immune system and feed the adrenal glands.

I recommend Nettles for animals with any form of allergies to help calm down their allergic response of itching, skin conditions and excessive ear infections that could be caused by allergies. I also use Nettles throughout the season to support animals that are prone to seasonal allergies. It can be added to their food or applied to skin rashes in the form of an herbal gel when mixed with Aloe Vera gel.

Nettles is great support for seasonal allergies. If you are interested in using Nettles for your animal please discuss this with your Veterinarian or Herbalist/ Holistic Pet Care provider. They will provide the right dosage amount for your pet and oversee the proper herbal formulas to use. Not all products of Nettles are the same in their manufacturing standards.

Happy Fall Everyone!

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