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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Summer once again is on our doorstep! For pet owners the summer brings many challenges for our pets and sometimes we need to be extra vigilant for them. Hot temps, thunderstorms and humidity are here to make each day more challenging to stay cool, hydrated and protected from the sun, storms and disease carrying bugs.

Here are some important ways to protect our pets:

Hot Cars- Never leave your pet in a hot car, not even for a short time!!!. Animals overheat very quickly in the car.

Hot Pavement- Pavement can blister paws. Walk your dog in the cool morning and evening hours when the pavement is cooler. Better yet are soft grassy lawns and cool wooded trails.

Over Heating- Animals over heat quicker than we do. Always provide extra water for hydration, shade for outside and only exercise them when the temps are cooler in the morning or evening.

Extra water- Add water to food and make sure all water bowls inside and out are filled at all times.

Exercise- Walks are better than running, they can cool down faster. Running, puts them at a higher risk of overheating. Early morning and evening is the best play time if your dog loves to run.

Swimming- Beaches, Lakes, Ponds and Swimming pools are great ways to cool off your animal but can put them at an additional risk. Avoid scummy, stagnant waters with algae and lots of plant life, some algae are poisonous if swallowed. Swallowing too much water when swimming can drown a pet it is call dry drowning. If you are boating or your pet is around deep water they should have a life preserver on just like people they can become fatigued when swimming and drown.

Grooming- Brushing and combing helps to eliminate excess fur from their winter

coat, fleas and allows you to find ticks.

Flea and Tick Prevention- Using natural flea and tick prevention that helps to keep your animal healthy from many life threatening diseases that these pest carry.

Thunderstorms and Fireworks- Many animals are traumatized by thunderstorms, fireworks and excessive loud noises. Keep them inside during these times. Find a safe place in your home for them and play music or the TV to create a soothing environment.

Summer is time for play and spending lots of time outside with our pets. Keep them safe and you will all enjoy the season of summer together.

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