• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


Plant medicine has been a healing tool for humans and animals for thousands of years. Many ancient cultures have shown through historic evidence of the wide spread use of plants as food and medicine in cave drawings, writings and in verbal traditions handed down from generations to generations. As immigrants moved from one country to another they brought with them their cultural healing herbs and seeds. They planted them in backyard gardens to continue the availability of those healing plants. These plants were used as teas, tinctures, salves, and oils. They were used for their families and animals as their main medicines to heal what ailed them.

Herbalism has been practiced since the beginning of written history and continues to this day. Herbs are used by more people worldwide than any other healing medicine. In many countries herbs are offered in hospitals where doctors were trained in herbal medicine as part of their pharmacy training. Plant medicine today has grown into many different forms such as homeopathy, aromatherapy essential oils, flower essences and using herbs in traditional Chinese medicine that complements acupuncture. Many doctors and veterinarians are starting to explore these options in modern medicine as more people are requesting their healing themselves and their animals.

Animals in the wild will self medicate themselves with the healing plants that they are foraging on. They will seek out the plants that they instinctively know is their healing tool. Research studies have shown this and have labeled this as zoopharmacognosy.

Why has the demand for plant medicine become so popular for healing animals? Because the demand from clients who use holistic health for themselves want to use it for their animals. Traditional vet care doesn’t always have the answers for them. This is what they have found:

Sometimes traditional modern medicine can no longer help your animal- Veterinarians have exhausted all of their healing tools leaving you and your pet with no answers to healing your animal. Plants have many ways to heal by detoxing and tonifying the animal’s body to create strong immune systems and repair damage.

Their animal has antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria- Plants have broad spectrum anti-microbial properties that bacteria are not resistant to helping to fight infection quickly and safely without killing off good bacteria.

Viral infections that modern medicine cannot fight- Many plants have anti-viral properties in their chemical constituents that effectively fight viruses and support the immune system during infections.

Cancer, Liver or Kidney Disease- Plants have anti-tumor properties and the ability to rebuild the immune system and repair major organs and systems of the body.

Skeletal/Muscular and Neurological Diseases- Plants have the ability to provide essential nutrients needed to repair and rebuild damage done to bones, joints, muscles, connective tissues and nerves.

Eyes- Plants and their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to protect and rebuild damage to the eye tissues.

Emotional and mental stress that is causing behavior issues or illness- Plants heal on an energetic level addressing many emotional and mental issues. These issues can cause stress leading to behavioral problems and sometimes illness. A happier animal is a healthier animal.

Choosing plant medicine for your animal is naturally in harmony with your animal’s energy field and wellness. By doing so you are providing them with many healing tools that can complement their wellness with the vet care of your choice. Plant medicine can be used daily and safely with the right instructions from a holistic healthcare provider. A healthier pet lives a good quality of life and is a happier animal.

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