• Maureen Ericson, M.H.

ANIMAL FLOWER ESSENCE SPRAYS: "Using the healing power of flowers"

Many animals are train wrecks that have no coping skills for their stress and the trauma that it creates in their lives. They suffer psychologically from these stress factors that have created many different emotional and mental symptoms. Those symptoms present in many different ways creating animals with agitation, aggression, fear, grief, depression, and separation anxiety. Over time many of these animals eventually develop physical ailments that need veterinarian care. Once stress is eliminated the animal’s well-being will provide a healthy life for them and their owners.

Nature gives us many wonderful healing tools in the plant kingdom. One of the most powerful healing remedies I recommend to my clients are Animal Flower Essences Sprays. Most people are unaware of these flower remedies and their healing support. Our Animal Flower Essence Sprays are natural remedies created from the energetic vibrations of many different flowers called Flower Essences. They are non invasive and provide healing on an energetic level through the animal’s energy field. These flower essences work effectively on the animal’s emotional and mental well-being. They can help to eliminate stress from changes, grief, separation and fear etc. They can help animals deal with stress from any transition periods such as the kennel to home or home to the kennel, introductions to new roommates, or training sessions. They can be used to support service animals while they work, or help animals deal with the trauma of being abused or for PTSD. Flower sprays help the animal to release the stress and trauma by strengthening their energy field and work very quickly to give the animal the peace and calmness that they need to live stress free lives.

At Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care, our formulas are specially designed and formulated for animals. We only use pure organic Flower Essence extracts.  Our intention is to help give your animal good emotional and mental well being. We have chosen the spray delivery system for our animal flower essence remedies, because some animals are too traumatized and will not let you touch them or they are too dangerous to touch. The sprays can be sprayed into to the animal’s daily water, food, or sprayed in crates, rooms, beds, car, carrier, stall or trailer. The animal does not have to ingest the Flower Spray for it to work; they can also be used on the animal’s fur or toys. There is no overdosing because they work on an energetic level only being used by the animal’s energy field as needed. During a crisis they can be used every 15 minutes until the animal starts to calm down. Our sprays can be used by people, birds, and aquatic animals. We even use them on plants!

Many of our clients have successfully used our Animal Flower Sprays to help lower their animal’s stress. Check out our collection of Animal Flower Sprays on our website: (https://www.florapaws.com/products). Consider using one of the sprays for your animal’s stress and email us your success story.

Animal Flower Essence Sprays are not to replace the advice or treatment of your Veterinarian. Please store in a safe place away from children and animals. Avoid contact with your animal’s eyes.

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