• Maureen Ericson, M.H.


Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Cold snowy and icy weather bring extreme temperatures that can be dangerous to our pets. Playing in snow or ice can mean more sprains or falls, and some serious paw injuries. Our pet’s paws can be injured very easily during walks and playtime. Using preventive care can help protect their sensitive paws before going out on their walks or play. For winter paw care I like using the wax/balm of Musher’s Secret, and the herbs Aloe Vera, and Comfrey.

For cold weather protection rub Musher’s Secret onto their paws before they go outside. The wax will give a barrier of protection and also moisturize the paws. It helps keep their pads from drying out, cracking, smells nice and heals their paws. Wiping their paws after a walk or play time takes away burning chemicals such as road salts and/or ice balls that are in between the pads.

If some of their paws are burnt from the salt and ice you can use Aloe Vera gel rubbed onto the paws after they return and settle in for the night. It will heal the burns and irritations and it is non- toxic for them if they lick it off. It is also great for frost bite. If there are cuts and sores use Comfrey salve to heal the cuts.

If you are going for longer walks consider using waterproof booties. The rule to follow during extreme temperatures is never leave your animals out in extreme temperatures or weather. Extreme cold can cause frost-bite for them just like us.

Have a safe winter with your pets!!

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