Amazing results


Hollywood was a lively 10-month-old male cat who was cared for at the Connecticut Humane Society for two months prior to his adoption. He had some behavior issues shortly after coming to CHS’ Pet Wellness and Adoption Center. He growled, hissed and tried to swat at staff and volunteers caring for him.


 After meeting with Maureen of Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care, we chose Hollywood as one of the first pets to participate in the flower spray test.  With Maureen’s guidance and experience,   we began to use the Trauma Relief and Aggression flower sprays with Hollywood.  We were thrilled to see his behavior improve quickly.   The notes in his file were now happy ones,

such as, “Hollywood has made marked improvement since last week.  He is out and social, with very little growling or hissing, and soliciting petting with no food involved. We are using the Aggression spray once a day. He enjoys playing with a wand toy both with a person and by himself."


Hollywood was successfully adopted shortly after and is now living a wonderful life.  Thank you, Flora Paws!


-CT Humane Society

Newington, CT

You are a Wonder! 

When Aiko became a member of our family, he arrived with many issues; i.e., stress and separation anxiety.  He had been through many changes and transitions in his young life that made it hard for him to cope with being away from us and dealing with thunderstorms and fireworks.  He would panic anytime we were away or when it stormed. We knew he definitely needed help and I thought of Maureen and her vast knowledge of German Shepherds.  Our initial meeting was for her to observe him and learn his habits.

Maureen recommended several Flower Sprays that we used in his food/water to help him heal from those stresses.  We used the Trauma Relief, PTSD and Thunder Dogs Flower Sprays to help him.  In just a few weeks time, he calmed down and is very calm when we go out.  He doesn’t panic or shake in fear when it storms or during the fireworks any more.   Hats off Maureen; you are a wonder!!

- Jeanne M.

Tolland, CT

Affordable and Holistic Care


Our rabbit Sadie was always litter trained, never having any accidents when ever she was out playing.  One day she started to have lots of peeing accidents that were cloudy and very smelly.  Our income is very low and a visit to the Veterinarians office would be our grocery money for the week.  We called Maureen at Flora Paws Holistic Pet Care for help.  Maureen graciously took on helping our rabbit with a homeopathic remedy that cleared up the Bladder sludge that Sadie had.  We were so lucky to find Maureen and learn about more holistic and cost effective therapies for our rabbit Sadie.  We can now provide holistic healthcare for Sadie.

- Suzy A

Somers, CT

Highly Recommend!


It is my pleasure to recommend Maureen A. Ericson, Master Herbalist.  I am a 13-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, (DVM) that graduated Magnum Cum Laude from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, Grafton, Massachusetts. I am a lifelong learner and took 4 years of additional online and class time to earn my designation as a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, (CVA) and also a Graduate Diploma of Chinese Veterinary Herbal Medicine, (GDCVHM) from the College of Integrative Veterinary Medicine (CIVT).  I came to know Maureen while I was in search of alternative sources of Western Herbal remedies that my clients inquired of me at my practice Adorable Pets Veterinary Center, in Haddam, Connecticut. 

My first professional interaction with Maureen came when one of my clients did an online research of essential oils to treat her dog who I had recently diagnosed with Heartworm disease. Maureen distinguished herself by submitting an exceptionally well researched and interesting case analysis.  She noted that Heartworm disease should not be treated with essential oils but should be treated with currently established protocols.  As she stated,  “Heartworm infection is too risky for me to only rely on natural therapies that would kill the worms safely without harm to the heart tissue.”  In her analysis, she provided options for addressing the effects of traditional Heartworm treatment on the pet including Hawthorne berry to support the pet’s heart tissue during treatment along with Dandelion and Milk Thistle that would help detoxify the pet’s blood during the die off effect.   She provided an analysis that was in the best interest of the pet and not based on promoting one modality of treatment over another.


Over the past two years, Maureen and I have collaborated on a number of cases.  The cases have involved pets currently being treated for lameness, chronic liver and renal diseases, cancer, chronic septic pneumonia, chronic undefined infections as well as behavioral issues. Maureen has excellent communication and analytical skills. She always explains her views very concisely and gives supporting evidence that is both clear and persuasive.  My clients enjoy working with her.


​Throughout our professional relationship, Maureen has not only helped my clients’ pets but she has also helped me to better understand essential oils, flower essences and other western holistic modalities.   Maureen is always looking for the best way to treat pets.  She can incorporate both traditional Veterinary medicine as well as Western Herbal modalities to enhance the health of pets. 


I would highly recommend Maureen to be a member of any professional organization that is dedicate to enriching the lives of pets.  If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 860-554-5588.

-Bernadette Aleksey, DVM, CVA, GDCVHM

Owner, Adorable Pets Veterinary Center, Haddam, CT



I have a cat suffering from grief after the loss of another cat in my home.  Mind you while the cat was alive Sox tortured Cinqo like a typical brother sister rivalry. After Cinqo’s passing Sox would sit in the spaces Cinqo sat in and would just howl. He truly missed her. He also became very clingy and was constantly under my feet.  I called Maureen and we did a remedy for grief and depression. The cat does not like the sound of the spray but would let me put it on his face and  body. One day he flipped over on his back and let me rub the remedy on his belly. He is far more alert, his appetite is back, he is sleeping better, no more howling and is not underfoot at every step I make in the house.  I keep asking him if he wants another cat and so far he has not said yes.  Right now he is happy and is enjoying being King Kitty of the house!!! Thank you for the remedy to get my cat back to his wonderful personality! 

- Mary Ellen N.

Cromwell, CT

Wonderful Care


My foster cat Gracie has had stomatitis for many years and has been treated with antibiotics and steroids. Since Maureen has been helping her with herbs and homeopathic remedies I have seen an incredible improvement in her health and her behavior. My 12 year old cat is now playing like a kitten. It was terrible to watch Gracie being in so much pain. Thank you Maureen,for your wonderful care of Gracie. She is so much happier now!!!

- Lynn F

Hearts United Cat Rescue, Rocky Hill, CT

My Doggy Guru


Maureen is absolutely amazing at what she does!   Jayda is my first pet,  she is like a child to me and whenever the smallest thing pops up, Maureen is the first person I call.  One night Jayda was experiencing diarrhea and blood in her stools.  I called Maureen right away; she immediately recommended what to do and what to watch for.  Jayda was better the next couple of days. I love that everything she advises is natural.  Maureen has helped me with Jayda in more ways than one from flea treatment, eye infections and even taking the time to help me prepare Jayda for her first air plane flight.  She is also available for behavioral and obedience advice. 


Maureen is passionate about her work and it shows.  Today I live in Oregon and Maureen is still able to guide me over the phone. I call her my doggy guru :-)

- Melissa G.

Portland, OR

 Natural and Non Toxic


I am very grateful to Maureen for her help in developing a natural fly and tick repellent spray for my horse, Sterling.   Flies and ticks are real problems for horses - not only are both annoying but more seriously disease bearing - and I didn't want to use anything toxic.  Happily,  Maureen's spray has done the trick for Sterling.  I apply it frequently and confidently.   I trust it so much,  I use it on myself to repel mosquitoes.

- Karyn C

Simsbury, CT